The Nonprofix Plugin

The Nonprofix Doctrine

We shall use the best of our abilities to achieve the greatest prosperity for any nonprofit organization that requests our help, knowing full well that our true customers are the benefactors of that organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES…we have several options for this type of implementation. Our WordPress plug-in can be used as a SaaS Application if a website is not WordPress, and we can act as a cost-effective supplement for events, volunteering, peer-to-peer fundraising, or prospecting.

Depending on data, a client can be up and running in minutes.

YES…we work with clients during the onboarding process with tips to “harden” their website data and make sure it’s backed up regularly.

We aren’t trying to compete with large CRMs, as our platform is specifically designed to grow smaller nonprofits and not as a toolset for large marketing teams.

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